The six senses dinner of Ferrán Adrià

  • Goal: Surprise guests! Create a deep and lasting impact on the event participants associating your brand or event to creativity and innovation.
  • Recommended for: Any group open to feel new sensations!
  • Destinations: All over Spain
  • Suggested venues for this event: A space with panoramic views in a television antenna, a trendy furniture shop, an old monastery, an antique stock house…Any unusual venue that call for a creativity!

Gastronomy is an important part of Spanish culture and tradition.

Spanish cuisine is an example of how a traditional country as Spain has managed to reinvent through the innovation and creativity. With a long and substantial list of recognized chefs, Spain has changed how the world sees the gastronomy through FerràAdrià figure: a genius that brought imagination, knowledge, emotions and joy into the dining experience.

At the heart of Adrià’s culinary logic are six senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, but especially reasoning, irony, humor, provocation, childhood memories, surprise, game, magic, de-contextualization.

We propose you a totally new and surprising experience inspired in the six sense gastronomy concept of the most original culinary innovator of our times, a journey through the senses in which each guest can experience sensations through sight, hearing, touch, feel, having to use reason, ingenuity, creativity and humor to enjoy the gastronomy. An event where culinary philosophy food marries fun: the chef look for the diners’ happiness and servers are no just waiters but “bearers of happiness”.

The experience could be enhanced stimulating all the senses with special themed lightening, scents and aromas but also sounds, melodies, music… A total performance with no other objective than stimulate the participants minds.

During the dining experience, guests will taste uncommon flavors, discover new ways to eat and enjoy meals being amazed in different ways.

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