Feel Spain as a local

  • Goal:  Create or reinforce team spirit while connecting to the country culture.
  • Recommended for: Activities for 30 – 60 persons.
  • Destinations: Mostly of the Spanish cities, especially Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia.

We invite you to explore Spain from a different point of view!

Discover the Spanish culture, character and customs being a local for one day!

Spain is traditions, happiness, and life enjoyment, a country in constant evolution that has kept authentic and simple customs. Mostly of the Spanish rituals are linked with the gastronomy and the human interaction. Our special program includes essential activities and elements of the cities life having gastronomy and interaction as a focus.

Being a Spaniard for one day, you will participate in one of the most extended Spanish weekend rituals: The appetizer tradition. You will also visit popular bars and food markets having to interact with locals to overcome challenges. The activity also includes a dynamic cooking class, wine, ham and oil tasting. Our goal is connect the group with authentic people, places and traditions to feel the flavor of the real Spain.

Our coordinator will act as a particular group cicerone, a friend that will encourage the participants to discover the city where he lives. The guide will take the group for an unforgettable day that reflects what Spanish do when enjoy the weekend.

Before start, the participants will hear about Spanish everyday life and customs. Then they will receive a short Spanish lesson learning simple but useful sentences to interact with locals and pass the different challenges.

The activity begins with a simple test: Ask for money change in local shops. Then they will need to go to a local bar to experiment one of the most typical traditions in Spain: The appetizer.  Passing through local neighborhoods, the group will need to find a recommended place to have vermouth, cañas (beer), sherry or sangria paired with a tapa.

Once in the bar, the group will meet a welcoming Spanish chef.

After invite a second round of drinks, the chef will ask the team to help him to cook a delicious Spanish meal. Guided with their new local friend, the group will go to a traditional food market to learn about Spanish gastronomy while buying the ingredients to cook.

After live one of the essential traditions in a Spanish life (go shopping to a popular food market), then is time to go to the chef kitchen to cook!

During the evening the group will participate in a totally active cooking class. They will also learn how to identify a good Iberic ham and olive oil, what are the most famous Spanish wines…An informal gathering to discover Spanish traditions, taste the best of the local product but also to trigger group synergies, teambuilding, improve communication, cooperation and leadership in a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere.

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Marta García Conde

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“Valencia has a very well-kept secret that I encourage you to discover. Let’s walk through the Barrio del Carmen, then visit the Lonja De la Seda (Heritage), and end the day having dinner surrounded by thousands of fish in the Aquarium.”

Marta García-Conde
Destinations Manager Valencia

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