Create your own lipdub!

  • Goal: Create and reinforce the team spirit.
  • Destinations: All over Spain
  • Suggested venues: Hotel meetings rooms, venues, outdoor spaces but also public areas of the city.

Why not include a funny and original activity in your next meeting or incentive program in Spain? We encourage you to substitute these standard tours and activities around the city for an exciting and funny lipdub.

The lipdub is a video clip recorded in a one shot plan. Usually people acting in lipdubs are amateurs and they have no particular acting skills as the only thing that one has to do is to be in front of the camera and sing play back on the song!

This one could be recorded in different places: in the beach, in a hotel, in different public spaces of the city allowing the participants discover the city in a funny way! A lipdub is a great way idea to have a corporate video involving all the company staff; a fantastic souvenir of an incentive trip.

According with the group profile and interest and also considering the event, incentive or meeting goal, we will choose a song for the lipdub.The choreographers will prepare a special and dynamic choreography for the groupwhile our team leaders will assign each participanta defined role, including the one of the director. Our production team will also make sure that the entire group has the look required for the videoclip desired. The group will have time to memorize and rehearse the song lyrics and the dance. The activity ends recording an entire and funny video clip!

Our lipdubs are much more than an isolated action; we suggest complement the activity with emails and social media channelscampaigns, starting before the group arrives to Spain. A teasing campaign will help to generate expectations but also to create and strengthen a team spirit even before the meeting or convention start.

Once edited, we suggest upload the video to thecorporate social media channels.This could create an ever-lasting effect allowing to meeting and event organisers keep contact with the participants weeks and months after the activity.

The real added value of this experience is the team work as the success of the final video is the result of a great cohesion.

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Marta García Conde

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“Valencia has a very well-kept secret that I encourage you to discover. Let’s walk through the Barrio del Carmen, then visit the Lonja De la Seda (Heritage), and end the day having dinner surrounded by thousands of fish in the Aquarium.”

Marta García-Conde
Destinations Manager Valencia

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