Cast Away

  • Goal:  Ability to analyze situations related to the planning and the time.
  • Recommended for: Groups up to 100 pax.
  • Destinations: Mostly of the Spanish coast and islands.

Like in the American film directed by Robert Zemeckis and carried out by Tom Hanks, this activity consists on testing a group that must fight to survive in a desert island where the desert island will be replaced by a desert beach within idyllic surroundings that make the participants think they really are isolated from civilization.

With help from the company director, teams will be form in advance taking into account each participant profile and the goals that the company wants to obtain from this activity. Once the teams are formed and prior to the activity, each participant will receive a postal package of FedEX in their hotel room including some clues about what they are about to experience and a tool (a different one for each member of a same team) that they must bring with them the day of the activity.

The group will be transported by boat to an isolated bay and from there by canoes to the shore of a desert beach. The activity coordinators will firstly explain the group of survivors the dynamic of the activity and will distribute the respective teams as it was previously arranged together with the company director.

The first part of the activity will consist of different challenges to win materials and elements potentially useful to be able to demonstrate the survival skills of each team. There will be a specific time to achieve the challenges where the team members will be able to win items such as ropes, materials to build a shelter and a raft, ingredients to cook, equipment for fishing and light a fire, etc.

Once passed the various challenges at the appointed time and with the materials available according to achievements, each team will have time to test their skills and prove they can survive on the island creating a shelter, lighting a fire, cooking their lunch and finally building their own raft able to float.

At the end of the day, the group will be picked up in a luxury boat and will be offered a barbecue dinner on board while enjoying the sunset. The award for best survival team will be given after dinner on board the boat.

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