• City: Madrid
  • Date: 3rd October 2009
  • Type of event: Opening gala party
  • Event: Let’s bring Spain to Madrid!
  • Guest profile: Top lawyers and legal professionals
  • Attendees: 4000
  • Client: IBA: International Bar Association
  • Services provided: Event planning, creative idea, destination and venue advisory, transportation management, themed decor and general production.

IBA Opening Party: Let’s bring Spain to Madrid!

Every year the International Bar Association (IBA), the world’s leading organisation of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies, organise the most important conference of the legal sector.

More than 4.000 lawyers and legal professionals from around the world came to Madrid. Pacific World was selected as the official destination management company to organise the meetings, the transportation but also all the events planning.

Our team worked as an event management agency, planning 3 stunning special events for the conference. The Opening Party was the most challenging event to create. The party should attract and guarantee the assistance of 4.000 persons.


The Objective.

Beat attendance records and increase conference awareness. Spain was selected as the conference destination due to the excellent flight connections, great convention centres, superb hotel facilities but also thanks to the unique culture and gastronomy.

Show Spain in 5 days. More than 4.000 delegates from many different countries around the world attend the Conference. During Madrid edition of the Congress, delegates were attracted by the conference content and sessions program but also by the idea of discover Spain. The special events organised, especially the Opening Party, should reflect the Spanish spirit.

Impress and surprise delegates with a stunning Opening Party. Top layers are not easy to impress. One of Pacific World goal was to create an attractive event that guarantees maximum attendance.


The Challenges.

Venue advisory. One of the main challenges was find a suitable venue to host a top level event of 4.000 persons. The venue should also have enough space to have different kind of entertainment, offer the option to create themed rooms according to the event concept and also have parking spaces for the 80 buses hired to transport delegates from the convention centre to the event.

Creative concept and theme. Create an event concept and theme that transmit the Spanish spirit in one event.


Our effective solution.

A professional team, expert in event planning. Pacific World selected a dedicated professional team with an extensive background handling destination management services and a long-lasting experience in event management and complex logistics. Our team choose a stunning huge venue that combine beautiful outdoor and indoor spaces that helped to reflect the Spanish culture and spirit.

Bring whole Spain to Madrid. We suggested bring Spain culture and traditions to Madrid. The idea was show in one event the real Spanish spirit. The party reflected the culture, the gastronomy and the traditions of North, South, East and West Spain.

For the event, our production team brought typical furniture and artisans directly to their home villages. We also organised flamenco dancing and “clap” lessons, typical gaitas (music from North Spain) and other Spanish music concerts, specific catering areas from different regions of Spain combined with itinerant food and drinks service (sangria, sidra, churros).

The night ended with an impressive fireworks show.


The Result.

Record of attendance.  The Opening party beat assistance records compared with previous Conferences, having a total number of 4.000 guests.

Massive positive feedback. The Committee received a huge amount of positive feedback after the Opening Party highlighting the creative component of the event.

Conference Recognition. IBA Conference was selected finalist for the Eventoplus Awards as “Best Conference”, due to the combination of event planning, meetings organization, complex logistical management and creativity.


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