• City: Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca
  • Date: Feb 15th - 25th 2011
  • Type of event: Product launch event
  • Event: Launch of Eurofred’s new product: “Be the first to see the latest”
  • Guest profile: Distributors
  • Attendees: 1.500 guests
  • Client: Eurofred Group
  • Services provided: Event planning, creative idea, destination and venues advisory, management of hotel conference facilities, production, themed decor and state-of-the-art technology for the event, PR campaign.

Eurofred: a new dimension in product launch events!

The Objective

Eurofred, leaders in the domestic and industrial air conditioning market, wanted to organize a spectacular road show to launch innovative new products ranges by the Spanish firm.

In order to position Eurofred in the customer’s mind as a leading-edge company in innovation and technology, Pacific World (formerly Ultramar Event Management) came up with a creative concept which was expressed in the slogan “Be the first to see the latest.”  The concept, based on the novelty of the products being presented and the impression of exclusiveness to be expressed to those invited, was implemented using 3D technology.


The Challenges

Create a buzz that would attract attention and guarantee maximum attendance of the 1.700 guests invited to the 5 different events held in Seville, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca.

Instead of attending an important air of the company sector in Madrid in March, the Eurofred group held a series of presentations before the fair. The challenge was to make 70% of those invited attend.

The target was male technology enthusiasts and experts unwilling to leave their place of work to attend to product launch events.

To position Eurofred in the customer’s mind as a leading-edge company in innovation and technology and create an attractive event in order to make an impact in the trade press.

To create and coordinate the publicity and organisation of the events efficiently: Five events at Five different destinations in two weeks.


Our effective solution

Creative idea: Our team opted for 3D as a basic format for communication. The slogan created for the event, “Be the first to see the latest,” effectively expressed the concept. The presence of a celebrity helped to create expectations. Paula Vázquez, a famous young feminine Spanish tv presenter, helped to attract the attention of a largely male audience. She was the one to personally welcomed attendees at a photocall specially set up for each of the five Spanish destinations.

Product Launch Event Invitation: To create anticipation and encourage attendance, an unusual invitation was created, in line with the concept. Those invited had to use special glasses to read the message in 3D. A digital invitation was also created, in keeping with the concept.

Product Presentation: To give continuity to the creative concept, those invited also had to wear special glasses during the event to be able to enjoy the presentation in 3D.

Setting up the event and the venue: hotel conferences facilities and venues were chosen which would help to express the creative concept, and which would also be easy to theme and adapt to the corporate image. The aim was to surprise the audience with the audio-visual and lighting set-up. To do this a big screen was set up together with six smaller supporting screens to project the company logos and highlight the image of the product. The large central screen served to project the presentation in 3D and specific videos of the products being presented. All material was prepared by Pacific World. In terms of lighting, the hall was themed in the company’s corporate colours: blue and black.



Very attractive communication that succeeded in convincing those invited to come. 1.700 people invited with approximately 1.500 people attending (88% take-up).

Great media coverage. The product launch pre-empted the air conditioning fair. This gained the client greater media coverage, a good attendance rate and positioning as the pioneering company in the sector.

Successful image and slogan for the event. “Be the first to see the latest” thanks to the material implementation of the creative concept. Eurofred positioned as a leading-edge company in innovation and technology, thanks to the audio-visuals at the event. Combination and fusion between the opening video in 3D and the material presented by Eurofred – globally innovative products.

The presenter of the event, Paula Vázquez, guaranteed maximum attendance and livened up all the events.


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